Himalayan Black Salt 8oz

The Herbal Tea House

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Herbal Tea House Himalayan Black Salt contains more than 84 beneficial minerals for both internal and external health. You may use this Himalayan black salt as an alternative to sea salt because it is low in sodium and does not enhance the sodium level in your blood. People suffer from high blood pressure or whose diets depend on low-sodium intake may benefit from using this black salt.

Himalayan black salt improves digestive health. It has long been used to address constipation, bloating, intestinal gas problems and heartburn. It can be used as a laxative and also to aid in weight loss. Regular intake of black salt has been known to help control diabetes and cholesterol levels, help joint pains, prevent muscle spasms and cramps, prevent Osteoporosis, and prevent depression.

The essential minerals in Himalayan black salt are also known to strengthen weak hair, boost hair growth, prevent split ends and reduce dandruff.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review