Immune Response - Build Your Layers of Defense

Restore immune strength with HTH Immune Response. Make a small investment, get big returns…get your bottle of HTH Immune Response.  Our Immune Response contains Ganoderma.
The immune system is your body’s body guard…your first line of defense.  The very nature of Immune strengthen means that it must be built from inside out. 
Build your layers of defenses with HTH Immune ResponseImmune Response for chronic infections, colds, and respiratory allergies. poor diet, poor nutrition, try Immune Response.  Low energy, hypoadrenalism, restless leg, cleanse and enhance liver and spleen function, lyme disease, lupus, Multiple Sclerosis. Immune Response helps to reduce inflammation and manage pain.
Fibromyalgiachronic pain, can’t sleep at night…all these can take a toll on your immune system. You must respond! Don’t wait on a breakdown, before you decide to do something, about your ‘Not Feeling Well’ condition. You get the flu today, sinus infection tomorrow; yeast infections, again and again? Drugs are not the answer…yes, drugs can stabilize the body, or arrest harmful organism…then you must help the immune system to gather its forces and take over!…set up a healing environment for the body.
Our biology cannot keep up with the technology of the food, water, the air and so many things that seem to work against us…but what do we do?   We must take care, we must heighten our immune response.   We don’t want to look back in sorrow, or look around in fear, just take HTH Immune Response. One ounce a day, is all you need to start the healing process.
Disorders in the immune system can result in disease. Immunodeficiency occurs when the immune system is less active than normal, resulting in recurring and life-threatening infections. 
HTH Immune Response is a combination of organic wild plant extracts, Primary herbs: Greek oregano, astragalus, Echinacea angustafolia, olive leaf extract, burdock root, Reishi, shitaki, maitake mushrooms, black walnut hull, black seeds and cloves.  
Directions:   Take one ounce daily.