High Blood Pressure Program

1. You can reverse high blood pressure with simple diet and lifestyle therapy.
2. Tone arterial system with herbal tea combination, and supplements.  
Program consists of supplements, teas, and diet plan
   a)   High Blood Pressure Diet Plan
   b)   Specially formulated daytime and nighttime teas
   c)   MeadowGreens
   d)   Internal Scrub Green Foods
   e)   HTH Multi Enzyme
Programs are tailored to fit your needs. Going on a juice diet one day a week for 3 months will help improve body chemistry and reduce blood stickiness and extra blood fats.
Program:  $200.00
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Inflexible High Blood Pressure Program
In this program we help you to melt the layers of stress, soothe the nervous system, clear the mind and lift the spirit.  Sometimes you may not need to eat more apples, you may just need to sit by an apple tree. You may not need more wheat grass, you may just need to lay on the grass.  We encourage you to take careful steps, not fearful steps.​  If you are a work-a-holic, rush-a-holic, care-a-holic, if you are simply overextended this program is for you.  We help you ground yourself in health.  
Program: $200.00