Nature Walks

Join us for our Nature Walks in May. Call us today at The Herbal Tea House to make arrangements. 201-435-3922


In Philippians 3:13-14, it reads "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, We press on toward the goal..." Many come to The Mountain with a heavy, shattered heart, seeking an inner peace perhaps only through Mother Nature could provide.

Nature still lives! Feeling stressed and burned out? Come walk with us. Come sit by a tree, by a lake, on a bedrock. Take time, live your life…don’t blaze through it! We focus on the process of discovering nature, of tuning-in to its magnificence…GOD‘S FREQUENCY. This is about exploring, finding, observing, and documenting, for the sheer joy of it. The goal is not to convey a set of facts—the goal is to improve the quality of a person’s interaction with nature and to increase the depth of their experience of the natural world. On our nature walks we help you discover nature, so we do not really lecture or teach, we help you connect, you bond, you ask questions, we explain and answer your questions. It’s not about knowledge or lecturing, it’s about wisdom, you connect, you discover, we help you, by walking and talking…WALK WITH THE WISE!

Too many facts, too much information, and detailed scientific knowledge can overwhelm a person and may draw attention away from the miracle of nature at hand. Our Nature Walks are more about igniting the spirit than it is about filling the mind. It is about helping a person learn to love nature, to make a connection of the heart.

Walk with us to smell the freshness in the air. Listen to the song birds who accompany each step. Join us and calm your fears. Nature still lives, saw a struggling waterfall…reminded me that everything in nature has a struggle, even now and then, so let us celebrate and appreciate, the miracle of nature.


When we walk and talk hopefully we help you fall in love with nature, in all its manifestations… hoping that you will take the time to go outdoors to look, listen, smell, touch, taste, and feel the earth with your senses.