Our Practice

Our natural healing modalities lead to general improvement in health.  We are Traditional Naturopaths and Herbalists.  In our practice our client is viewed as a whole. We identify and address the cause of a problem. We help to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. We pass on knowledge to empower clients. We offer non-invasive lifestyle consultation offering individual approach that educates clients for long term health.
We look at nature as a powerful healing force and we see disease as a manifestation of the natural cause by which the body heals itself.  If  the cause of the imbalance is not removed, the disease symptoms will continue either at a lower level of intensity or intermittently, eventually becoming chronic.
Our mission is to help save lives by stopping diseases before they start.  
"Prevention" is the key word.
"If it is to be, it is up to me" ... 10 two-letter words to remember
We offer raw food programs.  We believe it starts with the food you eat.  We show you how to protect yourself from chemical residue in your food and to be extra careful of your water supply.