Naturopatic Health Services

Personal Health Consultation is available:  IridologyTongue Analysis, 
Dark Field Microscopy and Detoxification. 
We offer NATURAL REMEDIES to address the following:
Acidosis Eye problems Neuropathy
Allergies Fibroids Parasites
Arthritis Fissure-in-ano Psoriasis
Asthmatic Bronchitis Gallstones Raw Food Diet
Bursitis General Health

Tongue Analysis

Chalazion Hair Loss Tonsillitis
Cholesterol Hernia Trigeminal Neuralgia
Crohn's Disease High Blood Pressure Ulcerative Colitis
Cold Sores, Fever Blisters Hepatitis-C Urticaria
Colitis IBS Vertigo
Colon Cleansing Immunity Vitiligo
Cysts Iridology Warts


Diabetes Lichen Planus  
Eczema Menopause  
Enzyme Therapy

Nephrotic Syndrome