Why We Go "RAW" In January

Why We Go "RAW" In January

Have you heard the concept “when you cook it, you kill it”? This relates to how we prepare our fruit and vegetables. This is based on the premise that heating food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes, which is not good because we need those enzymes to boost digestion and fight chronic disease. Our experience has for years shown us that long-standing health problems will disappear when you participate in our RAW FOOD DIET at The Herbal Tea House, followed by maintaining a better dietary regiment in the months to come. Address common health issues such as Arthritic conditions, Fibromas, Myomas,Triglyceride levels, Inflexible High Blood Pressure, chronic constipation, Thyroid Dysfunction and Hepatitis C by initially going "raw".

Every year come January first we go "RAW" for 31 days. When we go raw we are giving the body an “inner” vacation, and giving our stovetop and ovens a break! We ease the workload on all systems of the body, especially the digestive system, so the body gets a chance to heal itself. Our participants notice improvement in mental faculties and overall general health and well-being. With the raw foods that we consume in their natural raw state, the body spends less time trying to digest enzyme adulterated foods. Yes, it's so true that heating destroys protein, vitamins and many minerals and nutrients which are washed away in cooking water. Whatever nutrients are left behind are usually not assimilated, so you wind up nutritional dead foods. This may explain why may realize that you do eat a lot of cooked vegetables etc. but still feel undernourished and not a energetic as you would prefer.

At The Herbal Tea House we believe that greens should always be crunchy and still naturally green when we eat them… not limp and brownish looking! The green in green leafy vegetables contain a lot of protein, chlorophyll and almost every known nutrient. It is very important to eat your greens raw.

To help your body get and remain, strong and healthy, you must eat nutritionally sound foods: sprouts, fresh fruits, vegetables, green vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, from the land and sea. Just like us, our vegetables need sun, water, earth and air to nourish, rejuvenate and renew and sustain life.

So how do you begin to shop for your raw food regimen? Consider these natural and organic nuts, seeds, raw fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains. We particularly like to include 1/2 a fresh raw organic coconut as a meal. It is important that you may ingest raw foods cold or even a little bit warm. You’ll need to wash your food thoroughly and be extra careful with foods like sprouts, raspberries, unpasteurized juices, green onions, lettuce, spinach, kelp etc. Keep it easy, and interesting of course, by using your blenders and food processors! 

When you go raw you may experience a healing crisis because your body will indeed "purge itself"! Some participants get headaches, rashes, odor in urine, stool, and even aches, and pain, and coughing (especially if you are a smoker). However these issue are short-lived and will soon disappear as you journey to wellness. The skin is the largest organ of elimination, therefore we encourage you to use the skin as much as possible to help with waste elimination. Talking an alkalizing bath will help neutralize excess acids in your system.

You will have the opportunity to begin again! Join us in the future by scheduling an appointment for our annual RAW FOOD DIET, hosted by The Herbal Tea House. Customized programs are available for our customers who have health issues.