by Victoria Lockhart
The Owner of the Herbal Tea House is first and foremost and awesome Kingdom Woman. She is kind, caring, thoughtful and extremely well versed and extremenly educated about natural products.
I am severely myopic and my vision began to worsen. She put together Meadow Greens for me with nutrients that specifically target the eye. Within days I could literally see the difference in my vision and could feel the Meadows Greens working in my eyes. There is also a measurable difference in the way I feel physically since consistently taking "Meadow Greens".
I've found that I cannot do without my "Meadow Greens" I've never felt better. Along with proper diet and exercise (which the Meadow Queen stresses) I'm living a much healthier and productive life because of the Herbal Tea House...
                                                                              *  *  *  *  *
by Marcia
"Knows her stuff ": My husband and I lived in Jersey City some years ago, we've known about the Herbal Tea House for many years. About ten years ago we started going in with some questions about some minor health concerns we've had. The owner was able to explain to us in detail what the problem was, what caused it and was able to tell us what was needed to treat the the problem. We brought what was needed, and went home and did exaclty as we were instructed to do, and my god, it worked! She is very educated in this field and she "knows her stuff". I had family members and friends that lived in other states that had some problems, and when they visited, the Herbal Tea House was a must stop. Let me share a testimony with you: I had a lump on the back of my neck, it was diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst, and had become hardened and would require surgery to be removed. I did not want to be cut, so I went to the Herbal Tea House, spoke with the owner about my condition, and I purchased items that were recommeded with specific instructions. "THREE DAYS LATER" I felt something running down my neck and back, the hardened cyst was softened and begin to run out. PRAISE THE LORD! We now live in Florida and really miss being able to go in when we have a problem, or just need some health products. But we can still reach her by phone and have what we need delivered. I'll say it again, she knows her stuff well !
                                                                               *  *  *  *  *
by Cassandra
The Holy Spirit by the prophet Hosea, says My people are destoyed by lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:16
Well, if you you know anything about the Meadow Queen you know that coming into the Heabal Tea House is one of the first steps you could make towards a better way in life.
No Lack of Knowledge There.
God has place in the Meadow Queen His will for healing to be shared with the world. The Meadow Queen is the most awesome Kingdom Woman in healing I know truley across the board. She's not only the Wise Women for health but for Mind, Body, and Spirit.
I have the wonderful privilege to study closely under her, and the knowledge she gives you can not get in any school, unless she's teaching the class. I can now refer to myself as an herbalist because I've studied with and under one of the worlds best herbologist, and graduated her classes.
I have 9 healthy grandchildren who have never been vaccinated and never as of yet had any cowpox/chickenpox/mumps or measels no ear infections, needless to say I am a very healthy woman myself. To be intouch with the Tea House is like being in touch with God's will for your healing because that all your going to get.
When ever you decide to drop by be prepared to hangout because it's almost impossible to just leave, The Meadow Queen gives herself more than anyone I know in this field, and I bless the Lord for her life. Just want to say thank you Meadow for being who you are to me and many more.
                                                                               *  *  *  *  *