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Welcome to GREENGREENSCRUB.COM, brought to you by The Herbal Tea House. Homeopathy is growing rapidly as a preferred and natural family medicine. We are committed to providing scientific information and homeopathic guidance to all those who desire good health. Our natural approach to health has helped thousands over the years.  We use herbs and food to fine-tune the body. 

Our site includes various presentations, assessments, scientific articles and case studies to aid in your quest for perfect health. Our mission is to help to save lives.  The Herbal Tea House is here to help you lead a greener, healthier lifestyle by offering natural and organic healing products, now also available at Make  MEADOWGREENS  part of your anti-cancer arsenal.  

Note: The information for the disorders listed within in this website is presented as a general educational guide and is not intended to be used for instruction in medical treatment. The author cannot assume the medical or legal responsibility of having this information misinterpreted and considered as a prescription for any condition or any person.
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